Wedding Timeline Explained | Long Island Wedding Photographers

Every wedding we do is unique and different in so many ways, but we have found they all follow approximately the same timeline for us as photographers. We wanted to share our usual schedule, along with images from one of our recent favorite weddings, to show you how we would work on your wedding day. 

Girls Getting Ready 

We want to get all the details—your engagement ring, your shoes, your invitations, and, most importantly, your amazing dress. So if you see us laying those things out, it’s just so we can chronicle it for you to remember forever! 

We also want getting-ready action shots—you getting your makeup done or getting your dress laced up. We’ll be there to document these moments. 

Guys Getting Ready 

This is why we have two shooters on your wedding day; we divide and conquer to capture both the girls and the guys. We’ll organize the details of the groom’s attire as well, but we also celebrate the male getting-ready traditions—whatever they may be! 

Ceremony/First Look 

We take special pains to capture the first time our couples see each other. Whether it be in the church or on the way over, we will be there to photograph the reactions that you never want to forget. 


Our favorite part of photographing weddings is creating frame-worthy portraits to remember your day forever. We make time at the ceremony and at the reception to compose these images in all different poses and aim to capture the true personalities of you and your new spouse. 


First dance, toasts, family dances, cake cutting—we are there getting every moment. And we always make sure to pull you aside at the end of the night to create one more memory. 

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