3 Simple Wedding Tips From Studio 27 | Long Island Wedding Photographers

The moment a woman is proposed to, she is immediately asked one simple question by EVERYONE, "When is the wedding?" And of course, she has already been secretly planning it since the very millisecond the man of her dreams got down on one knee. She has already been obsessing about the endless venues-the dress-the shoes-the jewelry-the men's suits-the men's details-the flowers-the guest list-the tiny beautiful details-the DJ-the color scheme-the table settings-the party favors-the food tastings-the photography...phewwwww...(and that's just a short list for some). The days and months and sometimes years leading up to the wedding are usually spent with one thing on a woman's mind-perfecting every nitty gritty detail of her wedding day. And when the day finally arrives, it can fly by so fast that the only recollection of all that hard work, creativity and detail is actually just the images received after the wedding. An engaged woman who is planning her wedding actually becomes a fashion stylist, interior decorator, wedding planner, not to mention the job or career and the entire life she was sporting-all in one!!! It's no wonder men want to put a ring on it, look at the incredible multi-tasking powers we possess! (They will never admit it but they secretly need us)

So, here are a three REALLY simple tips for you to stay so cool through this wedding planning process, that people actually mistake you for a cucumber.

Tip 1: Remember to breathe and enjoy your present moment

It is SO easy for anyone to get caught up in life and forget to just relax for a minute. I can hear you saying it, "But everything needed to get done yesterday!" I can assure you everything WILL get done, because again, you're a multi-tasking machine. The list longer than Rapunzel's hair will get done, one little to-do at a time, so do it as gracefully as possible. The one mistake people make during this process is getting so stressed that they forget to enjoy the life they have around them. Do just that! Your wedding day is just a moment, you still have your whole life to live.

Tip 2: Be realistic with your wedding planning in conjunction with your budget

A lot of times Pinterest & wedding blogs paint an unrealistic picture of what your wedding should look like. Here's a little secret for you: a lot of the GORGEOUS "weddings" you see are stylized shoots planned in a specific location. Don't get me wrong, if this is your dream wedding, by all means make it happen! But just be realistic about what is going into planning. If you're going with a DIY wedding then every little detail is completely up to you. Some people love that freedom, but it may not be as budget friendly as you would imagine. Think logically, take a look at your budget and plan realistically. It will help everything to run more smoothly.

Tip 3: Pick a really reputable photographer (you had to know that was coming)

(You had to know this was coming!) As I already stated, your wedding day is going to fly by. Trust me, there will be no recollection of many things that happen throughout the day. There is a phenomenon that happens to a bride during her wedding day, I see it in their eyes...they go into auto-pilot. Something inside them says "oh my god, I can't believe this day is finally here! I don't know if I'm nervous or excited or just everything all at once. I hope the food is okay. I hope my dress is okay. I hope my family and friends are happy. I hope he doesn't forget the rings or the marriage license. I hope the flowers get here on time...." And then nothing. It's as if the mind still has the noise, but everything just becomes a going-with-the-motions type of existence. Or maybe that doesn't happen to most people, but either way one thing is certain: your photographer(s) and videographer(s) will be capturing EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you may miss.  That's why this step is so important!!! I often see on other blogs and hear people say that they don't understand the importance of paying a professional to do something their smartphone can do. Now, let me educate you on the very simple difference between your guests taking photos for you and a professional: we are getting paid to do what we are trained to do! The amount of love that goes into our work, in order to make YOUR love shine through cant be put into words!  That is why we are different from a cell phone. (Besides the obvious lack of quality). "But my Uncle Fred has a really nice camera that he bought at a camera store." Are you going to trust that Uncle Fred is going to pose you, get all your good angles, crawl through trees and bushes to get foreground creaminess in your shot, have the correct lenses and lighting in order to perfect the image, let alone have the right software tools to edit and tweak your images to absolute superiority? I love your Uncle Fred, but I truly doubt it. Leave it to the people who do this day in and day out. We live for this, we have passion that is unmeasurable. We love, LOVE, and we love your story. Let us capture it!

Your wedding day marks just one of the happiest days of your life, don’t get so caught up in planning that you forget to enjoy all the love that surrounds you each and every day leading up to your wedding and especially on your wedding day. In the meantime, stop into Studio 27 and sit with us to ensure your special day has each moment captured beautifully! (scroll through some dreaminess below)