In The Spotlight: Paulo | Studio 27 Long Island Wedding Photography

    As photographers (and cinematographers), there is a lot we must accomplish not only in photography, but on a personal level with our clients. On a bride & grooms' Wedding Day, we can easily become the breath of fresh air when all else feels scattered. We make it our business to ensure that our awesome couples are cool and collected so that they can enjoy each moment of the day with their minds at ease. The photographer on your Wedding should not only be experienced, but should have a natural skill of connecting with you both. That is something we take pride in at Studio 27; personality. That one word is packed with lots of different traits ranging from hilarious to sarcastic, sometimes both, and everything in between.

    Technique can be learned through practice, but actual years of experience plus personality cannot be, thats why we want you to meet Paulo. This Native Brazilian is F*&$#’n awesome (as stated in his profile on our site) complete with not only an outgoing and hysterical persona, but skills that will make you fall in love with his passion. Sounds like the full package, eh? Though Paulo has been with Studio 27 for a short time, his experience in Wedding Photography has been going strong for 15 years! Before he became a photographer, he always had cameras around him. Aperture, shutter speed and how their values are opposite from each other, somehow just made sense to him right away. I know, I know, that was probably equal to you reading another language, but it just proves how much it all clicked for Paulo right from the start of his photography journey.

    In terms of style, each and every photographer has a unique eye that translates in how they produce each image. Paulo’s can be considered a blend of photojournalism with a contemporary flare which is exactly what we love about his work. You will find him sneaking those tender moments between the bride and groom, as well as coordinating the necessary shots to complete your variety of memories with family and friends. The best trait that Paolo has, besides his obvious creativity and expertise, is his ability to make the couple feel ease.  When everything else can go wrong, you can rest assured that he is jumping through hoops to coordinate people and gain control of the situation in a calming manner. He enjoys keeping the day light and fun.