Serena + Adam | Studio 27 Long Island Wedding Photography

This love story started in July of 2011, though neither of them knew it at the time. Serena’s cousin Katie told her about Adam because she thought they would be perfect together and urged her to friend him in Facebook. After an awkward exchange, Adam seemed standoffish. Fast forward to a year and a half later, they wound up at a bar in Coram. Serena was tapped on the shoulder. “Serena? You’re Katie’s cousin right? Im…” Serena cut him off. “Adam—I know.. Hi!” The rest of the night was spent talking and singing “Im Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by the Proclaimers, which later was their cake cutting song! At the end of the night Adam gave Serena his number. She wasted no time and texted him the next day. Their first date was set for the following week to see the Christmas tree in NYC and the rest was history.

Jump ahead in time to the proposal when Adam fooled Serena by hinting that he was going to pop the question in August, but he really planned on asking her in May. He respectfully asked her parents for permission, of course. The first plans of taking Serena to Sparkling Pointe Vineyard, Serenas favorite place fell through, but Adam decided on her second favorite place-The Melting Pot. He told Serena that they would be going on a double date with his friend, but to her surprise  both of their parents were there instead. Chalking this up to a birthday surprise, she had no idea it was an engagement until she looked down and saw Adam on one knee. The ring was picked by Adam himself and it was breathtaking (great job Adam!) Serena especially loved that both her and Adam’s parents were there for the celebration, it meant the world to her. (Aaaawwww!)

Its always interesting to ask a bride and groom what their personal favorite moments of their wedding day were. Their perspectives and what they hold dear to their heart, always varies, but it easily paints the picture of their special day. For Serena, the little surprises she had planned for Adam made her super excited such as his Penn State cuff links and their entrance song to “Will 2K”, which Adam knows every word to. Seeing the grin on his face when he realized what song they were about to walk into together, was worth the wait. It melted her heart when her nephew-the ring bearer, ran up to her to give her a big hug and kiss before she walked down the aisle. When she saw Adam for the first time, she couldn't get over how handsome he looked. Their dance to “Unforgettable” was so special to her because they had been slow dancing to it in their him for years prior and would always say how they couldn’t wait to dance to it at their wedding one day. Her father daughter dance to “In My Life” by the Beatles meant a lot to Serena as well, especially since they are both huge fans and always sing it together.

For Adam, seeing everyone with huge smiles on their faces, celebrating their marriage and their two families coming together were the simple special moments for him. Marrying Serena, exchanging vows and kissing for the first time as husband and wife were really dear moments to him. He also shared the same favorite moment with Serena, when he received the cufflinks and his surprise entrance song to Will Smith. It’s the little things we do for each other that make our lives so special. I'm truly lucky to have such an amazing woman.”

The day flew by for Serena and Adam, thought they didn’t believe everyone who warned them it would. Regardless, they were able to share some really funny and personally touching moments with our very own Photography and Cinematography team. It all began with Adam’s childhood toy figurine of Wayne Gretzky. For years, he and his parents would play a game of hiding the toy in random places to be found by the receiving party. Backpacks, pillows, kitchen cabinets, Florida vacations. The last spot was in the ice machine at his parents a few months ago. When the wedding day came, Adam was to find out that his father had the ultimate #whereswayne comeback. As Chris, was taking pictures of the couple, there standing on top of his camera was Wayne. After a couple of shots, Serena and Adam finally saw it and burst into laughter. 

This beautiful love story proves to be one that is deeply rooted in love and family, one that was compared to the love Adam’s grandma and grandpa had for one another. Serena and Adam were told that they take after a 60 year long, head over heels type of love. That statement was touching to Serena. “Being compared to that kind of love is such a beautiful compliment and a memory I will never forget.” We are so happy for you both and we wish you all the best on this journey of forever!

Studio 27 Photographer & Cinematographer: Chris & Steve

Dress: Wedding Center in Commack

Shoes: Macys

Flowers: Flowers by Burton

Makeup Artist: Jessie LaSerra

Hair Stylist: Sir John’s in West Babylon-Hector

DJ/Band: Body Rock Entertaintment-Sergio

Limo: Sir Oliver