Daniela + Jose: Fate | Studio 27 Long Island Photography

          The question of fate and its reality, has floated through most of our minds at one point or another. Some brush it off and say it is unrealistic, while others have literally lived through their fate unfolding before their eyes. Sometimes it is hard to see until it becomes hindsight. That is the story for Daniela & Jose, who went to High School together, but never had a real conversation until they crossed paths again in College. While they were both studying language at Stony Brook University, they eventually ended up in some courses together. By senior year they were officially dating and finally revealed that their eyes had been on each other for years prior.

          Four years later, Jose took Daniela back to the spot where they had their first date. They were sipping wine, watching the stars and talking about life in front of the Long Island Sound when he proposed to her. As Daniela describes “It was a simple and sweet proposal and a true reflection of the way we are as a couple.”

          After tons of planning, the day finally arrived when the story of Daniela & Jose’s fate truly came together. Their wedding day was filled with happiness being surrounded by their great friends and families, that it was an unbeatable feeling. Though they prepared to soak in every moment, the day goes by quickly and they are still asking one another if they remember certain moments! Regardless of how fast it flies, they shared their wedding vows, first dance and parent dances as their favorite moments. Daniela especially loved her sister’s Maid of Honor speech-rumor says it was one of the best they had ever heard! Jose loved sitting at a huge table with all of their siblings and bridal party for the night.

          At Studio 27, we pride ourselves not just for the beautiful work we produce, but also for the fun we have with our couples in the process. The funniest moment of Daniela & Jose’s wedding day was at the end of the night when the room had cleared out and Boy Wonder & Steve egged Jose to do a dance for Daniela. Alax, who was assisting that night, caught the moment with a Fujifilm Instax camera.

          We love hearing these wonderful stories unfold, especially one as simple and sweet as Daniela & Jose’s. You two are truly one-of-a-kind, wonderful people who are so lucky to have such a beautiful love together. We wish you all the best in life and marriage!


Photography & Cinematography: Studio 27- Chris, Boy Wonder, Steve

Wedding dress: The Wedding Salon of Manhasset by Anne Barge

The Ring: He knew I liked a classic and simple style. He picked it out on his own.

Jewelry: Pearl and Diamond Earrings- Macy’s & Co.

Shoes:  Badgley MischkaSaks Fifth Avenue

Flowers: Floral Designs by Diana

Makeup Artist:  Lorin Frey of Cactus Salon

Hair Dresser: Nicole English of East Winds

DJ/Band: Marc Bauman Entertainment

Limo: Camelot Limos

Source: studio27photo.com