There should always be a delicate balance between work and fun—without both, life would be pretty bland.  Here at Studio 27, the best part of our team dynamic is that we put a priority on having fun, and that makes the work we do even more enjoyable and rewarding.  When our amazing couples walk through our door, they are only able to get a little taste of the down-to-earth and fun loving energy we each contribute here. 

Lauren is our Studio Manager and has been working with the company for the past two years. She would easily describe herself in three words: a mentor, an inspiration, and most importantly, a hero.  Just a few of her daily tasks include managing sales, scheduling engagement shoots, answering emails, coordinating with photographers, and most importantly, keeping Studio 27 brides happy.  Lauren is frequently responsible for secretly wreaking havoc to the other employees’ lives with various pranks in and around the office.  When she finds the time to execute these pranks? Nobody knows. To sum her up, she pretty much has the multi-tasking abilities of a god! 

Cezar is our Photo Editor, or, as he likes to title himself, “Editor in Chief”. He’s the employee that I’m sure many of you are familiar with…you know, that guy that when asked if he would like lunch or coffee,  orders and then expects it to be free.  There's no doubt in anyone’s mind that when food goes missing in the office, you'll most likely find a trail of crumbs leading to Cezar's desk.  Unfortunately for Cezar, he commonly finds himself at the receiving end of our office pranks.  In fact, he finds himself pranked so often that we are amazed by the thousands of awesome edits he is able to produce daily. 

Next, we have our Video Manager, Tom.  His claim to fame was when he brought the “Yes!” chant to the NY Islanders home, the Nassau Coliseum.  He’s pretty much famous, or so he thinks.  A lot of you might not be able to appreciate what Tom goes through to create some of Studio 27’s most beautiful wedding trailers, but imagine sitting at a computer for hours on end—headphones on, cut off from the world—listening to Jason Derulo sing “Marry Me” on repeat.  ALL. DAY!!!  He spends his off days blasting the likes of Circa Survive, Taking Back Sunday, and The Used, but once he walks through these doors, he is fully committed to Christina Perry, John Legend, and oh yes, Ed Sheeren. We love Tom for sacrificing a small piece of his sanity to make sure that our Studio 27 couples are happy. 

Last but certainly not least, we have Tina. She's more than just the Office Manager; many might go as far as calling her the face of Studio 27.  She is the first voice you'll hear when you call to inquire, the first face you'll see when you come for your initial visit, and let's not forget, the first person to offer you a wide selection of beer and wine that Studio 27 keeps in stock.  And for those clients that come in for an appointment after a long day at work, Tina can even be considered somewhat of a savior.  She is the smallest member of our team in size (almost half the size of Tom & Cezar).  Tina always puts in 100% from working in the office during the week to assisting on the weekends.  Since she is undeniably the EASIEST person in the office to scare, Tina's screams can often be heard throughout the course of the day.  Sometimes we band together to try and frighten her, and sometimes she just catches a glimpse of her own shadow.

Meet Our Studio 27 Team!