Our NEW Editing Policy!

Hello all!  We are so excited to share the news of our new editing procedure moving forward in 2020! Read below to find out more information:

Currently, we have been culling down the images and delivering to our clients, approximately 1,500 photos. Of those photos our team chose their favorites and edited those favorites creatively. We have found that many of our couples have asked for different selected photos to be edited instead, as our favorites are not necessarily their favorites.

Also, culling down to 1,500 images sometimes forces us to eliminate some photos that may be important to our couples. We never delete images, so those images were still available to our couples, however it does lead to unnecessary stress for everyone. This process also takes between 8-10 weeks to complete, which is WAY too long for our amazing couples.

Therefore, after much brainstorming, debating and surveys with our clients, we have come up with an incredible solution and are making a needed change!

Now, Studio 27 will deliver to you ALL of the images captured on your wedding day (we will only eliminate test shots and blurry images.) You will receive all these social media sized images within 14 days of your wedding.

After looking through these beautiful images, you and your spouse will choose 30 images you would like our awesome team to edit creatively.

**For engagement shoots and mini-ceremony days, you will select 15 favorite images to be edited!

We will edit YOUR favorites, not ours!

Additionally, all photos chosen for your album, thank you cards and prints will also go through the same editing process. Exciting right?? As always, full resolution images will be available upon album design. However with this new innovative system, you may be receiving all of your high resolution images within 3 months. Just follow this simple timeline…

  1. Images are delivered to you within 2 weeks of your wedding date
  2. You choose the images you want edited and you also choose the images for your album. (within 10 days)
  3. Set up a meeting with Christina to go over the album options (you can set that date even before your wedding happens)
  4. Receive your album design within 4-6 weeks
  5. Upon approval of your design, album will be ordered and delivered from Italy within 2-4 weeks.

That’s a total of 9-13 weeks. Considering that it took 8-10 weeks just to get the social images back in the past, the benefits of the new system are clear!

This unique system is sure to set the trend in the wedding photography industry and we are so excited to be the first to launch it. Having a say in what we do for you, is such an exciting way for us to deliver to you, individually stylized images, customized to your favorites. We cannot wait to get started on this for you.

Of course, if you choose to keep things the way they were based on your initial consultation with us, (we choose the photos and cull down to 1,500 images and we pick the favorites) that’s ok too.

Please let us know by e-mailing steve@studio27photo.com and we will make a record of that. However, if you are ok with our new system, then there is no need to do anything.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, we want to introduce Christina, as our newest addition to our already very talented team.

Christina has been hired as our new album design coordinator. When it is time to design your album, Christina will be there to hold your hand and assist you every step of the way. She will help you with design, colors and available options on our exclusive Italian hand made albums. Please reach out to her at christina@studio27photo.com to move forward with your album process post-event!

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you and answer any and all questions that you may have. We are very excited to implement this new way of doing things and look forward to capturing perfect images of you, your family and friends on the most perfect day of your lives.