Studio 27

Stopping time with a single click of the shutter; capturing feelings, romance, passion and fun before it all passes you by. That is the motto and the expertise of the photographers at Studio 27. Our goal is to tell YOUR story through visual images that will help you relive your life’s most significant memories. We want to tell a story, your story, your day. Our personalities are loose and down to earth, helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera so you may act naturally, allowing us to capture your special moments in an artistic photographic style. Straying from the traditional yet still keeping your photos sophisticated and personal. Photographers and Videographers from some of the Tri-states areas leading studios proudly present to you.Studio 27.
Studio 27
Studio 27 is at Land's End.3 days ago
“When love stays, you start to understand why it had to leave in the first place. Why you had to ache, why past love had to dig caverns inside of your heart in order to make room for the person who would end up filling your soul with light. When love stays, clarity cracks within you—you comprehend the hurt, the loss, the lessons the wrong ones etched along your spine. When love stays, you make peace with all that weathered you because you see just how it pushed you in the direction of growth…how it pushed you in the direction of the right arms, the right heart, the right soul.”
– Bianca Sparacino
☞ Shot by Chris @ Land’s End
Studio 27
Studio 274 days ago
Studio 27
Studio 27 is at Bridgeview Yacht Club.5 days ago
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Bridgeview Yacht Club
Find your lobster.
☞ Shot by Wonder @ Bridgeview Yacht Club
Studio 27
Studio 27 is at Chateau Briand.2 weeks ago
“The adults will tell you to stop looking for the spark. To settle for stability and companionship. But I don’t think I can sit next to someone at the dinner table for the rest of my life, talking only about my day. There needs to be unsaid communication. The sarcasm that doesn’t go unnoticed. The teasing that doesn’t stop. That chemistry that you can’t find from just a good resume.”
☞ Shot by Neo @ Chateau Briand
Studio 27
Studio 27 is at The Inn at Fox Hollow.3 weeks ago
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The Inn at Fox Hollow
A very Gatsby getting ready.
☞ Shot by Paulo @ The Inn at Fox Hollow
Studio 27
Studio 271 month ago
Nothing better than a beautiful black and white photograph.
☞ Shot by Paulo