Our Prices start at $28,000… Just kidding. But, did we get your attention? : ) Prices actually start at 4,950.00 (which includes everything you could possibly need…and more!)

Your photography and cinematography will be one of the most costly items on your wedding day budget. However, it is also one of the most important and only ways to capture the memories that will be cherished well past your golden anniversary. Therefore, while comparing studio to studio take into consideration our theory on hiring this service. we call it the “3 P’s.”


The first P is Photography or Product. Above all else, the quality of work should be the most important thing when considering a photo/video team. See our photography section to learn more about the Studio 27 style of photography. All of our albums are hand made in Italy. They are literally world of art.
They come with lifetime guarantees and have some of the most unique papers and finishes. They are completely customizable, therefore, if you can envision it, we can make it. Of course Studio 27’s team of designers will help you every step of the way!


The second P is Personality. Brides & Grooms tend to forget that their photographer is the one person they will have the most interaction with on their wedding day. You will spend an average of 8-12 hours with them on your wedding day, that’s even more time than you will spend with your fiancé.
It is imperative you feel extremely comfortable with the person who is going to be photographing your wedding. Your photographer will be the one photographing your engagement session (included in our package) giving the perfect chance to bond and get reacquainted before the wedding. After this
session, we are positive you will know you have made the right choice with Studio 27.


The third P is Price. When comparing pricing between studios it helps to keep in mind the photographer’s experience as well as overall photographic ability. Most photographers will only buy the minimum required gear when shooting for a large studio which consists of a camera body, 1 or 2 lenses and a flash. Studio 27 photographers are all full time wedding photographers. We do not hire anyone with a full-time position and uses wedding photography to supplement their income. We are not saying those photographers are bad photographers, but, are they committed to doing the best job
possible after working 40 hours or more already? Are they willing to spend the extra money when a flash, lens or camera goes down? Or are they willing to invest in the latest technology if this is just a side job? Some will and some won’t. At Studio 27, we ALL do. It’s a full time position for all our staff. It IS what matters 1st and foremost.

Product, personality and price are the benchmarks by which all studios can be compared.

We are confident that you will see that Studio 27 delivers on every front and we are well worth the money given the quality of work and personal service we deliver.