Excited to relive all of the beautiful moments from your wedding day? We’re excited to help you get there! Download the Video Design Form from the link below and begin filling out the information to help us customize your wedding video to your liking. Unsure if you have a full edit in your contract or want to add a trailer? Email Steve at to find out!

Studio 27 - Video Production


If you choose a 30-45 or a 45-60 minute DVD, our talented editing team will choose the best dancing parts of your reception and creatively edit them to the song you choose for section #6 in the music and sequences part of this form.

If you choose a 60-75 or a 75-90 minute DVD, our editors will creatively edit your reception using all live audio from your band or DJ. The song you choose for section #6 in the music sequences part of this form will be used to show you a recap of your entire day.

Please answer the following questions in order to help our editors leave the appropriate parts on the editing room floor and keep the most important parts to you in your final product.

Catholic Ceremony Questions:

Jewish Ceremony questions:

If you have had a ceremony other than Roman Catholic or Jewish, such as Greek, Romanian etc. Please leave us comments in the notes section, on what you feel it is important for the editor to know. Please be as specific as possible

Reception Questions:

Music & Sequences:

please include Song title and artist

Please allow up to 20 weeks for your video to be completed

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